• Joshua.saraviachavez

    Just like in the 3 films of Rush Hour, Juntao, Ricky Tan and Kenji died of the same way since the first movie of the '98. But in the 2007 film, Kenji, as a villiain, dies but what he did it was an act of sacrifice, kindness.

    1. Juntao/Griffin : Dies falling from high heights, landing on the chinese fountain; because Lee's suit broke.
    2. Ricky Tan : At the moment, when he tried to shoot Carter, the carpet stops the bullet. Then Lee comes and gives a kick in the chest to Tan, causing to fall from high heights and landing on a taxi cab.
    3. Kenji : When Leo and Kenji are holding on the net of the tower, Lee holds Kenji's arm, but he says 'Let go.', Lee thinks he can save him but, Kenji forces him to let go but Lee insists, finally Kenji sadly gives Lee a g…
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