The Chinese Consulate is the home of Consul Solon Han and Soo-Yung Han in Los Angeles California after leaving his original diplomatic post in Hong Kong on the last day of British rule two months prior. The home also serves as the temporary headquarters for the FBI when they're assign to investigate Soo-Yung's kidnapping. The home is seen in Rush Hour.

Rush Hour Edit

This home is first seen when Consul Han walks his daughter Soo-Yung to the car so she can be on her way to school, he is stopped when a consulate worker informed him that there was a phone call for him from China. Before Soo-Yung left, she asked her father if he will be home after school. He says no and that he will be picking her up himself, and she smiles. He turns her around with a finger-like move called the lago and she leaves after saying goodbye to him. Han goes back inside to answer the phone call, but no one was on the other line.

Shortly after Soo Yung's abduction the home is seen again with FBI agents guarding the house as their temporary headquarters.

Trivia Edit

  • Soo-Yung's driver was played by George Kee Cheung who also played Fan in Lethal Weapon 4 which was released the same year as Rush Hour.
  • The consulate workers were the female secretaries of Han.
  • This home also served as Wayne Manor in the 1989 WB film Batman.
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