Commisioner Revi is a French police commissioner in Rush Hour 3.

He is portrayed by Roman Polanski.


Rush Hour 3Edit

Commissioner Revi first appeared to Carter and Lee at the airport to ask them questions why they are in France. When the two were brought to him, his body guards beat them up with phonebooks. He asks what they're doing there, and Carter explains that they are on vacation, with Lee adding that they are just taking in the sites. He explains that Paris is his city and he mentions that he'll be responsible for two stupid cops "getting their heads blown of by the Triads". He says can't force them to leave, but he can make this suggestion and also reveals that he has found a gun inside Carter's jacket, which means that he'll jail them for 20 years. However, he lets them go to do their investigation, but only after he gives them a painful cavity search.

He appeared again after Minister Reynard was shot by George. His congratulating Carter and Lee was more gloating and trying to get undeserved credit. After that, Carter and Lee give him a punch to the face, and depart dancing to "War", like they did in the first film.


  • Along with Minister Reynard, both of them are half French.
  • Commisioner Revi would be half Polish while Minister Reynard would be half Swedish.
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