Aliases None
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Relatives Unnamed wife
Affiliates Lee, Carter, Genevieve
Occupation Taxi driver
Status Alive
Appearances Rush Hour 3
Portrayed by Yvan Attal

George is a French taxi driver in Rush Hour 3. At first, he shows prejudice against Americans, but later on, he became the new sidekick of Lee and Carter and becomes very pro-American, as he believes that being American is very exciting and fun. He is portrayed by Yvan Attal.

History Edit

Rush Hour 3Edit

George first appears at his taxi saying to Carter that the Americans make him sick as "they are most violent people on earth". When Carter realized that he has done enough, he pulls out his gun and forces George to sing the American anthem (Star Spangled Banner) before he drives them to the Club.

After Lee and Carter save Genevieve, George finally found all of them saying that he has been looking for them all over Paris, then he says that he wants to be a spy just like them offering them unlimited free rides. When Carter and Genevieve were attacked by Jasmine, Genevieve said that the triads have finally located their hideout. When George placed the two of them in his place, his wife told him to get rid of them because they are bleeding. When Genevieve said that they have to get out of the city, The two said they're not going anywhere until they find Shy Shen. When she took of her wig revealing herself as bald, Carter shockingly exclaimed that Genevieve is a man or whatever she is. When Lee tells them that he knows a place, George told them that he could not be here because his wife told him not to be a spy. He congratulates them for everything they will face. When they brought her to Reynard, they realized that he has been working for the triads.

George appears at the end of the film and saves Genevieve from being killed by Reynard, to which Carter thought that he was shot by Reynard. Both Carter and Lee were shocked to see it was George that saved them. After Lee told George to put the gun down, he revealed that he had followed them and declared "case closed." Soon after the police arrive, and both Lee and Carter thank him for his help.

Deleted scene Edit

  • George was mentioned by Carter that he was right and that the case was finally closed.
  • There was also a deleted scene of George changing the radio station in his taxi after Carter says that he wanted a better song.


  • George insulted Carter by offending him about basketball but Carter managed to later befriend George.
  • George has a wife who constantly belittles him about bringing people into their home.
  • There could be a possibility of George returning in Rush Hour 4.

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