The massagers for Heaven On Earth.

Heaven On Earth was a massage parlor located somewhere in Hong Kong. It is visited by Lee and Carter in Rush Hour 2.

Rush Hour 2Edit

After failing to catch Hu Li and the Triads back at the nightclub, an exhausted Lee and Carter decide to visit this massage parlor to relax. When they enter, the cashier sees that Carter is an American and realizes that he has "American money". For this reason, she opens up the sliding door and tells Carter to pick as many massagers as he likes. Carter is excited and picks several of them, one for every area of his body. The scene then cuts away to show that they are in the parlor and Carter starts telling his massagers about America. Lee, on the other hand, is more focused, and watches as Ricky Tan also enters the parlor. He stops his massage and Carter sees what's wrong. They go and confront Tan, with Carter demanding that he stands up and smashes his laptop in the process. Lee enters to convene and the two have a conversation, with Lee asking him to come back to the police station for questioning. Tan refuses, saying that any questions he has can be asked now.

Trivia Edit

  • The workers at the massage parlor were the female masseuses.
  • It is unknown how Ricky Tan's men had gained entry to the massage parlor alongside their leader.
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