Here's a list of characters in Rush Hour:

Main CharactersEdit


Lee is one of the main characters in Rush Hour who appereares in all Rush Hour series. Later in the first film, he gets partnered with James Carter. In Rush Hour 3, he is no longer a chief inspector but a detective.

Portrayed by: Jackie Chan

Detective James CarterEdit

Carter is a detective in Rush Hour, but in Rush Hour 3 only a street cop. He gets partnered with Lee ( Who at first he doensn't seem to mind Carter, but befriends him in the later part of the film.

Portrayed by: Chris Tucker


Juntao/Thomas GriffinEdit

Thomas Griffin is the main antagonist of Rush Hour and friend of Chinese consul Han. In the later part of the film, he is revealed to be Juntao ( the chinese crime lord who stole smuggled piece of China's artwork) when Lee spots him to whom Carter and He had been investigating.

Portrayed by: Tom Wilkinson

Ricky TanEdit

Ricky Tan is the main antagonist in Rush Hour 2. He was Lee's father's former partner when he was a cop. He then tells Tan not to kill his son that he had betrayed the police. Later on, he is revealed to be the Triad leader and had betrayed the police in the film.

Portrayed by: John Lone


Kenji is the main antagonist in Rush Hour 3 who was also Lee's Japanese foster brother. He tried to assasinate Consul Han. When Lee chases him down and as he says "Don't move!", he reveals to Lee that he was his foster brother.

Portrayed by: Hiroyuki Sanada

Rush HourEdit

Dan Whitney and Warren RussEdit

Whitney and Russ are the two F.B.I. agents who help Consul Han to get his daughter back. They also did not want to help Lee in solving the case.

Protrayed by: Rex Linn and Mark Rolston


Soo-Yung is the daughter of Consul Han, who was kidnapped later by Sang on order from Juntao to get revenge on Han.

Portrayed by:Julia Hsu in Rush Hour and Zhang Jingchu in Rush Hour 3

Detective Tania JohnsonEdit

Tania Johnson is the L.A.P.D.'s bomb squad expert and sometimes partner to Carter. She doesn't like that Carter pefers to work alone, as he's the only cop in the deparment without a partner. It was secretly hinted that she had feelings for Carter as he teases her about it several times in the flim. She could be seen later in the flim trying to practice how to disable a bomb in a training room. During the climax she help defuses the C4 vest that Soo-Yung was strapped to which saved her and she gives the vest to Lee ordering him to get rid of the vest as the remote could still set it off.

Protrayed by: Elizabeth Pena

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