In the Rush Hour series there are locations of Police buildings owned and operated by the two law enforcement's in both The United States of America and The People's Republic of China. For America its the Los Angeles Police Department and for China its the Hong Kong Police Force. Below is a List of the Police buildings where the locations have varied by each film both interior and exterior whenever Lee and Carter are solving a case.

Rush Hour Edit

The LAPD police station is first seen here. It has hallways, squad rooms and some offices one of whom is occupied by Captain William Diel. The station also has a bomb squad room where Tania Johnson was in a bomb squad vest in the practice area trying to disable a bomb.

Rush Hour 2 Edit

The Hong Kong Police building the Yau Ma Tei Police Station is seen here where it has offices, squad rooms and some elevators. Lee's office is filled with a closet, a desk and some of his diplomas on the wall. Captain Chin also has an office.

Rush Hour 3 Edit

Although there are no police stations featured in this film, the Cedars Sinai Medical Center is temporarily used as a police station for the protection of Ambassador Solon Han who was shot and left for dead after an assassination attempt by Kenji.

When security and half of the police force are called away the hospital is attacked by Kenji's men however Lee, Carter and Soo-Yung defeat them with Carter killing two of the henchmen in a shootout and Lee and Soo-Yung knocking the other two out after a fight. The police return after the raid to get two of the henchman in custody and recovering the other two's bodies after Carter killed them. Realizing that the hospital is unsafe, Lee and Carter leave Soo-Yung under the care of Reynard Han's friend and the chairman of the World Criminal Court.

Rush Hour (Television Series) Edit

The LAPD office is a lot different from the one seen in the films. The squad room has desks and the exterior of the station has offices one of whom is occupied by Captain Lindsay Cole.

The Hong Kong Police building is also different from the one seen in the films. The only interior of this station shown is the office of Lee's boss Captain Chen.

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