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Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Relatives James Carter (cousin)
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Occupation Bar Owner
Status Alive
Appearances Rush Hour
Portrayed by Clifton Powell

Luke is a minor character in Rush Hour.

Rush Hour Edit

He owns a bar and runs a criminal organization that involves selling weapons. Carter and Lee come to his bar and confront him in the back room. Carter pulls out his revolver and acts aggressively towards Luke and his men and asks about the little girl (Soo-Yung). Luke says he doesn't know anything about a little girl. Carter asks Lee to leave the room and wait outside in the bar area while he takes care of this situation.

Once Lee leaves the room, Carter puts down his gun and laughs. He hugs Luke and it is revealed that they are cousins and Carter was just acting in front of Lee. He asks Luke if he knows about someone who has recently bought lots of weapons. Carter reminds Luke that he gives a blind eye to his criminal activity because of their relationship and so he expects Luke to help him. Luke reveals that he has heard on the street about a guy from Hong Kong buying a lot of guns and explosives. But he does not know his name as the guy has not bought from him.

Meanwhile, Lee unintentionally starts a fight with the bartender and patrons. He manages to beat them all and then goes to the backroom where Carter is. Upon this Carter grabs Luke's collar to resume his acting from before. Carter and Lee leave after this.

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