Sister Agnes
Sister Agnes
Gender Female
Hair color
Eye color Blue
Affiliates Lee, Carter
Occupation Nun
Status Alive
Appearances Rush Hour 3
Portrayed by Dana Ivey

Sister Agnes is a nun working at the hospital where Solon Han is taken care of after the assassination attempt by Kenji. She is protrayed by Dana Ivey.

History Edit

Rush Hour 3Edit

Agnes is brought in as a translator when Lee and Carter capture a Triad assassin that only speaks French, as they are interrogating him about where Shy Shen is located. This instead erupts into insults towards Lee, Carter and the assassin's family until Carter is finally able to break the assassin into revealing a street in Paris where Shen can be located as well as the name "Genevieve" by threatening to kill him, which she translates to him back as a death prayer. Lee and Carter thank Agnes for her help with Agnes high-fiving Carter and saying "Anytime, brother."

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