The Superbill is a nearly undetectable counterfeit cash note created by the Triads and Steven Reign.

Rush Hour 2 Edit

The Superbill is printed on a U.S. Intaglio press on paper that is made of a crane linen blend. The difference between the bills is that the triads use an optical transfer ink from India that burns red instead of the real ink that burns black. The bills are so similar that fourteen out of fifteen world banks cannot tell the difference between a legitimate bill and a Superbill.

Five years before the events of Rush Hour 2 Ricky Tan bought The U.S. Intaglio Press on the black market and acquired one-of-a-kind Swiss-made hundred-dollar money plates. He then started printing counterfeit Superbills. Tan and the Triads were able to successfully print a hundred million dollars’ worth of superbill in five years. The Triads then teamed up with Steven Reign to open the Red Dragon Casino so they could use the casino as a front to collect real money and return worthless Superbills to the gamblers.

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