Warren Russ
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Gender Male
Hair color Blond
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Status Alive
Appearances Rush Hour
Portrayed by Mark Rolston

Warren Russ is a character from Rush Hour. He is a special agent of the FBI, hired by Consul Han to help him save his daughter from the Triads. He hires James Carter for the assignment and enlists him with Lee to get the case solved. He is portrayed by Mark Rolston.

Character HistoryEdit

When Sang makes the first ransom for the FBI to make the drop of 50 million dollars at 620 South Broadway Downtown, Russ sends a squad of SWAT teams to secure the building. Lee, knowing because of how vacant and dark the building is, begs Russ to call off his men, but Russ thought Lee was being funny and ignored him, only for the men he sent upstairs to be blown up to death.

After that, Sang contacted Han and the FBI that the explosion and double cross on the first drop was to prove how serious he was and instructs them to bring the ransom to the allyway behind the Foo Chow Restaraunt in Chinatown. Once they got there, Juntao took off with Soo-Yung and Russ has the FBI drag Lee and Carter back to the mansion, explaining their reasons for grabbing and dragging the two officers was because they screwed up their second chance at getting Han's daughter back safe and sound and suspends them from their assignment.

At the convention, Russ noticed Carter disobeying his orders, as the crazy cop tells everyone to get out of the building, only for a shootout to begin. Juntao ascends to the roof and kills three men and wounds Russ as he takes a bag of the ransom money with him. When Sang came to get the rest of the money, he noticed Russ was still alive and tries to shoot him, but was stopped by Carter, who humorously came to the surviving officer's rescue and in a brief stand off, kills Sang.

With Soo-Yung rescued and Juntao dead, Russ commends Carter for his efforts at the airport. He and Whitney offer him a place on the FBI, but Carter "politely" refuses, saying that he will always be loyal to the LAPD.


  • Russ wanted no part of Carter or Lee's help because he wanted to solve the case himself. He had Lee and Carter paired up together to throw them off the FBI's trail for Juntao.

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