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Gender Male
Hair color Black
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Affiliates Ricky Tan's men
Occupation Henchman
Status Unknown
Appearances Rush Hour 2
Portrayed by Ernie Reyes Jr.

Zing is a member of triad and a minor antagonist in Rush Hour 2.

He is portrayed by Ernie Reyes Jr..

Rush Hour 2 Edit

As part of Ricky Tan's plot of making counterfeit money and distributing them through all casinos around the United States, Zing was tasked by Hu Li to distribute some of the counterfeit money in Los Angeles' underworld. One of Zing's clients happens to be Kenny, an owner of a Chinese restaurant and a close friend of Detective James Carter. Upon making a visit to Kenny and informing him about the counterfeit, Kenny confessed that he had his suspicions about the money being fake, so Carter and his partner Detective Yan Naing Lee take look at one of the bills and burned it, eventually confirming Kenny's suspicions. Kenny also confessed that Zing himself works at the Reign Plaza (owned by Steven Reign) as a bellhop attendant.

With this information, Lee and Carter paid a visit to the Reign Plaza, where they introduced themselves to Zing. Realizing now that he's been exposed, Zing rushes over to the back of the plaza while pursued by an angry Lee and Carter. However, it turns out that Zing has anticipated the detectives' arrival and has Hu Li and several of the Triads to hold the detectives at gunpoint and place them in a cargo truck, though the detectives would later free themselves from captivity.

It is unknown what happened to Zing following the deaths of Tan, Hu Li, Reign, and the other Triad members.

Trivia Edit

  • Clive Cobb and Zing are the only villains not to succumb.
  • Zing is the only character not to speak English.

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